Company biathlon Antholz

On the tracks of the World Cup in Antholz

In the holy halls of the Biathlon World Cup in Antholz we celebrate with you your team. You have to be in awe of the backdrop of the towering glaciers behind the South Tyrol Arena. We will take you to the stadium, where normally professionals fight for medals, to train your team spirit. Of course you will test yourself in the grand final of the biathlon, including the cross-country trail and shooting range. In addition, we will create a programme of a Winter Olympics with relay games, creative competitions and experience-oriented learning exercises for you.

  • New cohesion should be created in a grouping of your company through sporting activities and entertaining team competitions


Company biathlon Antholz


to bring

hiking or winter shoes, winter clothing, gloves, cap

Rental equipment /
Inclusive service

All technical equipment for the team games will be provided as well as cross-country skis, cross-country boots, poles or snowshoes and small calibre rifles


Whole day


Please on request, including rental equipment and cross-country pass, four series of shots at the shooting range
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