Team training with rope structures

As an experience and team training for pupils

We combine tricky team tasks with high rope structures such as the sky ladder, high walkway and Pampers Pole to strengthen your team spirit. Your task is not only to overcome the obstacles, but also to solve tasks together in small groups. We demand heart, mind and skill from you so that you can pass the tests. After the tasks, the processes are discussed and your approach is analyzed. Together we develop improvement measures and a plan for how you can apply what you have learned in the future. You can also let us know in advance what you would like to work on.


Team training with rope structures


Briefing and warm-up with several trainers depending on group size

Adventure games and cooperation exercises – tailored to the theme of the group. Depending on the size of the group, with one or more trainers. High rope structures, the following can be installed: Sky ladder, High gear, Pampers Pole and Zip-Line.

Reflections between tasks and development of the “Golden Rules”

Total duration: 3-4 hours

Details are discussed directly on site with the responsible teachers/supervisors of the respective group. We can therefore cater to the individual wishes of the groups.

to bring

Sports clothing, warm jacket, sports or trekking shoes

Rental equipment /
Inclusive service

All technical equipment (mountain bike and helmets) and the high rope structures are included in the price.


Total duration: 3-4 hours


32,- Euro
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