By bike through the Ahrntal and Tauferer Valley, up to the castle and back down to the ground with the rope. Our summer hit BikeBurgSeil brings everything we offer to your holidays. Experiences with the bikes and on the mountain. We will accompany you during your holiday on hikes, alpine tours and mountain bike tours. Mountain climbing and biking in South Tyrol. We say: Out with you, we’re coming with you.

Glamping is a combination of glamour and camping. With us you book a night that goes to the limit of rural luxury in the Alps. You will stay in a tent in the middle of the mountains, as beautiful as camping makes it possible: mountaineering and biking in South Tyrol. We say: Out with you, we’re coming with you.

Whether associations or companies are looking for their spirit, they will find it. Those who book outdoor team training can participate in all levels of intensity, from incentives to team consulting. The group is confronted with tasks that can only be solved through cooperation. The solution methods allow limits to be experienced and tested. Those who have to keep the balance between adventure and caution learn consciously how to deal with limits and opportunities. For each request, a complex and personalised training is prepared in English, Italian or German.

Let’s go on a school trip! We are convinced that every class can become a team. Experience our offers, get to know your limits and possibilities and you will hardly recognise each other. Fun and a little more. We want you to work on solutions together, to weld together and to work hard. Sometimes you let yourself drift, sometimes you are challenged. Just right for students and in the middle of the nature of the South Tyrolean mountains.